Hostal Valencia

A magical place, full of nature and comfort.

Hostal Valencia Tayrona Colombia

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Ecological enviroment

Relax yourself by staying with us. This an area specially designed for relaxation.


Welcome to Hostal Valencia

Hostal Valencia, is an appropriate place for rest and relaxation, we have nature and comfort.

Our natural, ecological and comfortable environment makes your stay, something relaxing and rested, thus fulfilling the requirements required by our customers, we are located in exuberantly natural environment, surrounded by rivers and sea, mountainous reliefs, in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada of santa marta, and with notable influence in the sector of the Tayrona park and lost city.

From Santa Marta, it can be reached by private transport or public transport, depends on the guest's requirement, as well as the budget, which varies depending on the time of travel. In any case, we always provide or advise whatever the requirement.


Stay with Tour "Lost City"

Stay with Tour "Lost City"

Tamarindo Tour offers the Lost City Tour for 6 days, this is one of the most intense options to visit the Lost City of the Tayrona, it is perfect for those who have little time, are in good physical condition and enjoy the intense walks surrounded by exuberant nature. The 6th day hikers are directed to Hostal Valencia and are greeted with lunch and relaxation massages.

Stay with Tour Cabo de la Vela la Guarija

Stay with Tour Cabo de la Vela la Guarija

Cabo de la Vela is located on the Guajira peninsula, being a desert land habited mostly by the indigenous Wayuu people.

Stay with Tour to Cristal Beach

Stay with Tour to Cristal Beach

Playa Cristal or also known as "Playa del Muerto" is a paradisiacal place where its white sands, crystal clear waters and beautiful coral reefs will make your visit the best destination to rest and enjoy.


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